Our style professional will help you in identifying a style and cut of garment that best fits your individual body type. DeBurghs Luxury is one of few tailoring houses that’s committed to the 1920’s Italian style and craftsmanship of the proper bespoke garment. Our style professional will then collect measurements to ensure that your Bespoke garment is made according to your movements, posture and styling preferences. The garment will take over 50hours to create, DeBurghs Luxury is big on details and perfection which means it’ll be ready and in your hands 4-6 weeks for the first time only because we create your own pattern base on your body and not an existing pattern. Then after that, ordering will be very easy just picking out fabrics and then the process and delivery would be 20 days. Suits starting at $1900- $5500

Our fabrics are from the best mills all over the world: